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8 – 9 a.m. | Workshops (1 CE hour)

To View or Not to View: Restorative Techniques for an Open Casket

Technical Skills
Amanda King
Embalmer and Funeral Director | Bailey Family Funeral Homes

Embalmers and funeral directors know all too well the “open casket challenge” – whether or not to leave the casket open for viewing. It’s an anxiety-ridden challenge that can be tackled with ease when we have a broader range of skills at our fingertips to elevate the appearance of decedents to look “more natural.”  Let’s review several technical skills needed for both embalming and post-embalming, as well as color considerations and cosmetic application to better help achieve a pleasing appearance and succeed at this challenge. (1 CE)  (Translation available: Spanish)

Suicide Risk Within the Deathcare Profession

Grief & Bereavement
Sara Murphy, PhD, CT
Death Educator and Suicidologist

Little to no public discussion or education has specifically addressed the risk of suicide for professionals working within the deathcare professions. Given the unique nature of the high-stress work undertaken by deathcare professionals as well as the historic silence around suicide within the profession, it is crucial that professionals can both give and receive the supports they and their colleagues need to recognize suicide risk and employ prevention and intervention practices. Dr. Murphy will focus on (1) differentiating between myths and realities of suicidality; (2) recognizing suicide risk within deathcare professions as well as traditional barriers to validating risk; and (3) developing helpful, research-supported responses to prevent suicide death loss within the profession. (1 CE)

Department of Defense Overseas Mortuary Operations

Business Operations
Mr. Trevor Dean
Program Analyst | Department of Defense
Ms. Brooke Gurevich
Director | United States Forces Korea Mortuary
Mr. Timothy Scott
Program Analyst | Department of Defense
Mr. Kevin Smith
Chief | Mortuary Affairs Division

The Department of Defense prescribes the highest preparation standards in the profession and applies those standards for those eligible to receive mortuary services. Learn the strict standards used by Department of Defense mortuaries worldwide, and how it can apply at your funeral home. Also learn how overseas mortuaries in the Pacific perform their duties and serve the communities in their region and how it may affect your funeral home.

The Importance of Proper Paperwork

Mike Nicodemus
Vice President, Cremation Services | NFDA

This program is designed to help funeral directors have a better understanding of the importance of having proper paperwork. Inaccurate, incomplete, and inferior paperwork can cause the funeral home considerable damage in a court of law if the funeral director has not taken the time to be certain all paperwork is filled in properly and correctly. Proper documentation is of the utmost importance when defending yourself in front of a judge and jury. (1 CE)

How to Invest Your Advertising Dollars Wisely

Bill Johnston
President | Post and Boost

Many funeral homes can’t conceive of advertising because they don’t believe it works for their business. That is a myth! Advertising can work and does work for funeral homes. Learn what roadblocks stand in the way and how you can overcome them. If funeral homes intend to remain profitable and expand in the world of growing cremation rates and shrinking margins, they need an advertising strategy faster than word-of-mouth. Discover how advertising works, what you can say, and gain tips on Radio, TV/Cable, Internet, Outdoor, and Facebook. (1 CE)

12 – 5 p.m. | Expo Hall

Expo Hall

The world’s largest funeral exposition is an adventure in itself! Leading suppliers will offer the latest products and services – along with exclusive offers – in the NFDA Expo Hall.

4 – 5 p.m. | All Star Recognition Ceremony

All Star Recognition Ceremony

Join the NFDA Board of Directors as the association celebrates the remarkable accomplishments of funeral homes and funeral service professionals during the past year:

  • 2023 NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Award recipients
  • NFDA’s Green Funeral Practice Certificate holders
  • NFDA Cremation Certification designees
  • NFDA Certified Preplanning Consultants
  • Funeral Service Foundation scholarship recipients
  • 2022-23 NFDA National Emerging Leaders Program graduates
  • 2023 Meet the Mentors program participants
  • NFDA International Professional Achievement Certificate holders
  • Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice Certified Funeral Service Practitioners
  • 2023 NFDA Inspiration Award Recipient